300k+ items seems to have broken my site

I’m attempting to import our obituary index data to an Omeka-S site. In that site I’m up to 300,888 items, and after this latest batch/cvs import the public site is no longer displaying properly. Only an html block is displaying - the header, navigation, and advanced search fields are all gone:


Here’s an example item record, which loads fine: ZIMMERMAN, PAUL T. · Chattanooga Obituaries Index · Collections | Chattanooga Public Library

Things are looking and functioning fine on the back end. I’ve searched this forum for information about item/record limits but the answer seems to be “it depends”. I was hoping this volume of records would be fine because none have media attached, and just 5 DC metadata fields are used in each record.

We’re in Omeka-S version 4.0.3, using the Default theme.

This looks like a PHP error occurring while that page is being generated.

The instructions for displaying errors should produce an error message that sheds light on what’s happening here.

300k resources should not be a problem under normal circumstances. I suspect there’s a specific block that’s causing a server error. What modules are you using on that page?

I see that the item browse page is loading, albeit slowly.

On that page I have an Advanced Search Module block; using version

Try deactivating that module and see if the page loads. Regardless, to troubleshoot this, we’ll need the PHP error that @jflatnes mentions above.

I deactivated the Advanced search module and the page did load. I then re-activated the module because I have another site that also depends on it, (and the module is working currently on that site). I’ll also note that until my latest csv import of item records, the obit index site, including the advance search module/form, were working and displaying fine (at that point with about 250k item records loaded).

I’m attaching here a pdf of the text of my applications.log file - is this what you need? I tried to attach it as a .txt but that didn’t seem to be an allowed file type; please let me know if there is a better way for me to share this with you.

Thank you both for your assistance!

errorlog.pdf (61.6 KB)

Oh wait, I see, you probably need the file “error_log”. Attaching a PDF of that with logs from today (again, let me know if there’s a better way to share). I should note that it had loads more of those google analytics module error messages and I removed some to reduce noise.

errorlog2.pdf (12.5 KB)

Your server is running out of memory:

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 205520896 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate
16777224 bytes) in /home/chattlib/collections.chattlibrary.org/modules/AdvancedSearch/src/Response.php on line 230

It’s likely related to the Advanced Search module, so I would contact the maintainer via the module’s issue tracker.

Will do, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

The last version of the module Advanced Search fixes many performance issues (3.4.15).