Youtube Import plugin

Hi…does anyone using this YouTube Import plugin:

I give it a try, but I got this error:
Error importing video. ‘0’ Status: Communication Error

Any body know what does it mean?


Never mind…the SolrSearch plugin interfere with this plugin. I uninstall the solrSearch plugin and it works.

Hi there! I’m Ned, and I’m a developer at UC Santa Cruz library. I wrote the YouTube Import plugin along with several other Omeka plugins. We are always looking for more people to test these plugins in different contexts and report new bugs.
I would love to figure out what about these two plugins causes problems together. Could you let me know some more details about your setup so that I can try to recreate the problem? If you have a few minutes, I’d love to know the answers to the following questions:
Did this occur with every video you imported whenever you had the SolrSearch plugin active? If not, under what circumstances did you see this error?
What versions of Omeka, SolrSearch, Solr, and YouTubeImport are you using?

Thank you so much Ted for your quick response.

Yes, you’re right, I got the error when trying to import while the SolrSearch plugin is active.
When I uninstalled the SolrSearch plugin, it went through nicely.

I’m using Omeka 2.4.1, solr 6.2.1 and solrSearch 2.3.0. In my part though, I still have problems with the SolrSearch plugin, so that’s why I thought it might be something to do with SolrSearch plugin and I was right.

Thanks again Ted, and thank you for sharing your awesome plugin :wink:



It seems that YouTube API key is written in the helper on line 20 of helpers/import.php

public static $youtube_api_key = 'AIzaSyDI8ApsA7MBIK4M1Ubs9k4-Rk7_KOeYJ5w';

Changing this key to a private one made it run !