YouTube Import Plugin Question

I have been trying to contact the YouTube Import plugin creator but so far I’ve been unsuccessful. So I am posting here in the event someone else may know this. I’m concerned about our storage space with our Omeka host. So when using this plugin, does it actually copy each video from YouTube onto the Omeka server or is it just a link to the YouTube video that displays in Omeka? Apologies for what’s probably an over the top silly question.

Thanks for asking! The plugin does not save full videos on your Omeka site. It only saves a link to the YouTube video, and then the video streams directly from Youtube when a user views your page. The only things saved on your server are a thumbnail image for each video, the link to the actual video on youtube, and the video’s metadata (title, description, creator, etc). None of this will take up much space on your server.

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Yes I second what NedHenry said! Yes YouTube plugin is brilliant and non load bearing!!! However I have encountered a problem with playback when the owner has disabled viewing on other websites. I have contacted the owner and I am waiting for a response. In the meantime I was wondering if anyone else encountered this and if you have a workaround? Please : )

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