Wysiwyg editor for metadata fields

The wysiwyg editor does not appear when I select html under the field box. This is inconsistent with another installation of Omeka I work with where the editor does appear when I select the Use HTML box . I found some information about TinyMCE in the legacy forum but I don’t know what I should look for on the server hosting the installation that works properly. What am I missing?

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What version of Omeka are you running?

2.6 is the version of Omeka where I don’t see the wysiwyg. I do see the editor in the 2.4 version that I am running elsewhere. Thanks.

Are you only having the problem with WYSIWYG in item editing? Version 2.6 included an update to TinyMCE. Maybe try a clean upgrade to 2.6.1 and see if that helps?

Yes, I only see the problem in item editing. I am using Omeka on Reclaim Hosting so I am not able to upgrade. I guess I can ask them to do so, though I fear losing my database. Thanks.

When I look at the metadata fields for the file (vs. item), the editor opens up when I select the box Use HTML.

Any plugin differences between the working installation and the non-working one? A plugin could be doing something on the item form only which would account for this kind of problem.

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Thanks. I’ll look into that and I’m still looking into it being a problem with the version and the WYSIWYG editor update.

Ah - I am just seeing this now. It seems that to solve this issue I basically need to update all my plug-ins to the latest versions. I will try that first. Having the same issue.

@patrickmj do I need to update the Guest User plug-in as well? I modified that somewhat heavily for our needs.

FWIW, when I deactivated Neatline Features - which we are no longer using anyways since the GeoLocation plug-in was released - the Tiny MCE issue seems to have been resolved. I can now see the HTML editor within Items on metadata and ITM - Text.

Thanks @Amanda. I am using Neatline so I can’t deactivate the features’ plugins. I will keep in mind if it comes up again.