Why datatype properties from vocabularies are not imported?

I imported a OBO Foundry vocabulary into Omeka s but only object properties were imported. Why data properties are not imported?

Exactly which OBO Foundry vocabulary are you attempting to import? When you say “data properties” do you mean owl:DatatypeProperty? Omeka S should import every property type except owl:AnnotationProperty and owl:OntologyProperty.

I imported this one: Biological Collections Ontology by converting it from OWL/XML to RDF/XML in Protege.
Yes data properties are owl:DatatypeProperty

Many or all datatype properties in that ontology appear to be members of the Darwin Core standard, and therefore don’t share the document’s namespace URI. You’ll need to find Darwin Core’s RDF vocabulary and import that.

Thanks! I didn’t pay attention to that.

I found this page Core terms defined by Darwin Core where there are rdf and ttl files.
When importing into Omeka s, I used http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/ for Namespace URI and dwc for Namespace prefix

Unfortunately, I was not able to import the DWC terms vocabulary. Omeka throws this error for both rdf and ttl files:

No classes or properties found. Are you sure you used the correct namespace URI?

Am i missing something or is just that DWC is non-standard?

Those files are non-standard, in that they don’t declare any member as RDF properties or classes. They just declare that those resources are part of the core terms defined by Darwin Core, which, to be honest, isn’t very useful. Perhaps Darwin Core has a formal RDF vocabulary?

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