Where to Insert Coding to Make the Image Appear above its Metadata?

I read the 7 Aug post, “How do I re-order the details of an item as they appear to a site visitor?” by Brettz and the 8 Aug reply by patrickmj of the Omeka Team. Brettz’s question and mine are the same, having the Item image appear at the top of the page above the Item Dublin Core Metadata, and I am glad to know that patrcikmj offered a viable solution. My question is where do I insert the coding patrickmj supplied? I have not done any coding on my website, but instead have used the layout that has been supplied with the Thanks Roy, Theme, so using patrickmj’s code will be my first coding attempt. Do I have to supply the code for every item on my site?

Thanks for any help!

Patrick’s post basically tells you where you need to look: the theme’s items/show.php file. That would be located at themes/default/items/show.php within the directory where you installed Omeka (since Thanks, Roy is just the title for the “default” theme).

You just need to edit that file once, not over again for every Item. That items/show.php file is the template Omeka uses to display every item.

Thank you for your reply; however, I cannot seem to find the show.php, because I do not see default after I have gone to themes. Where is the Default button located?

None of these instructions deal buttons or on the “website” interface part of Omeka at all. This is all on the filesystem of your web server. You might access that with SSH, or something like CPanel from your hosting provider. If you installed Omeka yourself, you were working with the filesystem then.

As I just clicked on a theme, altered the color scheme, added my Header and Footer information, and started adding my items and my metadata, none of this makes sense. I am not a PHP programmer, though I have done some HTML coding. I use both Edge and Chrome as my browsers, and I thought your instructions meant to click on the Settings link, then from there I would find a default button, click that, then items, and then show.php. As I found none of those things, that was what my inquiry was regarding button or link or wherever I would go to get to default and then items and then show.php.