When is it faster to use terminal/command line?

In an effort to get more experience using the Linux terminal during my school’s winter break, I’ve found that it’s actually quicker to use the command line to do some things in Omeka – such as upload/extract themes and plugins. What are other shortcuts that you’ve found where it makes sense to use the terminal instead of your web browser or other GUI interface? Thanks for any suggestions!

Since I work from git a lot, I use the terminal for that kind of work.

I haven’t had a chance to give it a full test drive, but the folks at Biblibre recently released some additional command line tools for omeka: https://github.com/biblibre/omeka-cli that you might be interested in exploring.

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Seconding Patrick - anything involving git is frequently faster using terminal. If your Omeka installation is a github repo, you can upgrade (and downgrade) much faster.

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