What is the use case for Inverse Properties?

What does one use the Inverse Properties module for? The documentation is insufficient. It tells the user how to go through the steps, but under what circumstances would one want to do that?

What I really want to do is link a pair of items, a recording and a transcript, so that the Relation field in the recording points to the transcript and the Relation field in the transcript points to the recording, but I guess Inverse Properties does not do that.

Inverse Properties is designed specifically for properties in linked data vocabularies that are not an exact semantic match but are the inverse of one another. For example an item could have a property that is Childof and it the inverse on the connect item would be automatically generated for Parentof.

The use case you suggest you would want to add the media to the item in the media tab and then in the Relation property select the Omeka S resource as the input type and then select the media to attach it to that particular property.

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Just what I suspected. Thanks.