What I need to program omeka themes?

ok my forum members

I will start again from zero here

I want to program skin for omeka I learned about omeka at my library repository and now I will use it on my own art site and I wanna know what language I must learn to program themes on omake

IDK A THING about programing, so I really need help by knowing wich language learn first and so on… I like to design themes

PLEASE I would be reall thanksfull to really design new themes, I use omeka 2.1.4 in spanish

like I said… from scratch to learn lots… thanks in advanced… when I had other user name they tried to help me but I had zero idea about languages or internet programming at all… now I have my own site and I think I may understand some…

thanks for any help…erm… I dont know even know html, so like I say all indications will be wellcome dont ommit anything obvious is my motto when teaching databses at the library!!!

It sounds like HTML will be your first thing to learn. After that, CSS.

For both, you’ll want to learn to use your browser’s development tools, starting with the code inspector. That will help you learn HTML from looking at the code, and CSS by changing the CSS code right on the page.

Thanks Patrick…

do I learn simple html or the newest xhtml or something like that???

I have a brief idea on html very brief just basic basic notion so it maybe fast

is omeka based only on those languages??? because I saw the structure and I saw PHP pages I dont know if to make themes is nessessary to learn php… or if anyway is good to know it for general web programming…

Regarding HTML, start with HTML5.

Omeka is PHP deep down, so eventually you might need to get to learning it, but for theming you’ll need solid knowledge of HTML and CSS first.

thanks so much for the information… I will startat in no time…

I am AMAZED on how much internet building sites and datababses changed on only 6 7 years since I last tryed to understand programming

I did my first page at the library were I work using dreamweaver and poor web interface knowledge… but it was so good my bosses were impressed and the tech guy of the faculty understood I KNEW off computer lots…

I will upload themes from my own omeka site but I will open a thread to announce it here… but of course… first learning programming then the wagon right¿¿¿¿¿

I feel the same way!