What are ItemsSets used for?


I’ve been mucking about with Omeka-S for a few months now, and I still don’t understand what ItemSets are for.

What would be a practical use of an ItemSet?


Item Sets are simply a functional way to group items. They are akin to collections in Omeka Classic, but without the restriction that an item may only reside in a single collection.

So, a user might use an Item Set to bundle a collection of items that corresponds to a physical collection, or to create cross-cutting groups. Those Item Sets offer a short-hand way to construct browse pages when items are or published.

From an administrative point of view, Item Sets also offer a way to speed the location of items with which one might want to work from the back end. For instance, an instructor might ask students doing group work in a class to add their items into a set that is specific to their group.

Ah! Thank you. … :slight_smile:

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