Website not fitting small screen sizes very well

How can I adjust my website to look better on small screen sizes like iPhones.

I am using Explore/Grid Theme version 1.2.0 Ben Bakelaar, adapted from IIP theme by Anneliese Dehner

In small screen sizes the text is right up against the screen edges.

Any way to add padding to left and right to look better? Website is:


You might want to add some side padding (20px, maybe) to the #content style in style.css. If you are familiar with the CSS @media Rule, you could hide the padding when on large screens.

I would personally also keep the logo to the left (without reducing too much its size on smaller screens) and remove the title (that is repeating the logo one).

Check also the footer, as the wrapping of lines is also affected by the screen size; again, some elements could be hidden or shown using @media rule.

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