VRA Core Metadata Standard Survey

Do you use the VRA Core metadata standard in your work?

The Cataloging and Metadata Standards committee (CaMS) of the Visual Resource Association (VRA) has created a short survey to gain a better understanding of the current use of the VRA Core cataloging standard. Survey results will help CaMS know who is using this standard (academic, museum, commercial, etc.), and how it is being used. By taking this survey you are assisting CaMS in its efforts to serve the visual resources community. We are creating a directory, and collecting use cases. Results of the survey will be posted on the VRA Website.

Whether you use VRA Core as your main metadata schema, or just use certain elements as an extension of another schema, or anything in between, we’d love to hear about it!

Please fill out this 2-minute survey at

If you have any questions, you can reach the committee at vra-cams@googlegroups.com

You can also find out more about VRA Core at http://core.vraweb.org/

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