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Perfect!! Problem solved, and I don’t have to worry about manually editing & maintaining the core file!
:star: 5 star rating!


OK, I can confirm that the “validate” setting in the TinyMCE init does affect whether or not the invalid <pre><div> construction is allowed.

It does seem to have the somewhat undesirable side effect that entity encoding is totally disabled when that flag is set. We already turn off most of TinyMCE’s entity encoding to make it favor Unicode representations of characters, but we leave on otherwise “invisible” characters like non-breaking space and other whitespace and joiner characters. Losing that limited encoding isn’t too major of a consequence, but it does bear thinking about.


jaguillette, sorry to resurrect an old thread, but did you ever figure this out?

Now I just have to make sure that the setting changes in my plugin are being applied to editors that already exist on pageload…

I’ve overridden some TinyMCE settings locally as well, which works fine everywhere except Exhibit page blocks that are already there on page load and I haven’t been able to find a fix yet.



I have just discovered that the TinyMCE Mod plugin affects the Bulk Metadata Editor. When TinyMCE Mod is activated, the bulk editor does not respond at all! For example, checking the box ‘Select Items by Metadata’ should open some drop-downs for selection criteria, and selecting the radio button for ‘Search and replace text’ should expand to display input fields. But none of these actions occur as long as TinyMCE Mod is activated.

Is this something that can be addressed without losing the original function, or by any chance has the original problem been solved in an update?

I should add that the behavior I described occurs on two installations, one a newly-updated Omeka 2.6 version and one at 2.5.1. Oh - and a visual clue is that the green buttons in the Bulk Metadata Editor are on the right when it’s not working, and at the left when it is working.

Thanks for any assistance!

Edited to add: I tried specifying the path in application/config/config.ini and also tried unchecking the Bulk Editor box so it would not run in the background. No difference with either of those.


Very odd… today, it seems to be working fine on all sites! Earlier this morning, there were no text fields in the Add Item view when the TinyMCE Mod plugin was active, but that seems to have corrected itself!

I’m not sure what was going on, but as long as things are working, there’s not much point in investigating!