Viewing historical layers in Neatline Exhbits

I’m new to this forum, and I cannot figure out how to find queries on the topic I am interested in, without scrolling through every single one. I am looking for help in configuring a Neatlines exhibit, but am stuck at getting the historical map I am using to show over the base layer. Nothing seems to work, and I am following all the instructions in the Neatline tutorial at http://history

There is a search button in the upper right hand corner – Looks like a magnifying glass.

You can also browse the categories, and search the old forum knowledge base:

You appear not to be the only person having difficulty with this issue, and I have a hunch that it has something to do with the mapwarper server not serving the georectified map reliably but I’m not really sure how to verify that.

Follow up. I’ve been messing around with this and the viewport settings are really tricky for small maps. So, the thing that you can do is look at the KML file that gets produced when you rectify your map so that you can figure out where to set the default map focus for your exhibit. The kml will have four number (N,S,E,W), but Neatline will want the longitude number first and then the latitude, separated by a comma.

Set the zoom level to something moderate and then save. Don’t hit the “Use Current Viewpoint as Default” button. Reload you page.

Then, you should be able to use the map controls to zoom your layer into appearance. When you get it where you want it, then you can set the default and save again.

This all happens in the space where you add your records to your exhibit:

Thanks for your quick response. I have been trying to open the KML file on the map I uploaded to mapwarper, after it was geo-rectified, but am directed all over the place (i.e. the web) download this, download that, but seem no closer to getting the directional numbers mentioned above. Is there a straight forward way to do this? Thanks!

You should download the KML file and open it in some kind of text editor (Notepad, TextEdit, etc.).

Okay, I have done that, and found the four numbers. Which do I download as the Longitude, and which for the latitude. Sorry if this seems obtuse!

Pick a number that kind of splits the difference between E&W for one, and between N&S for the other. It’s just to get your viewer in the vicinity of your map layer.

HI Sharon, The map appeared and then disappeared again, and I had not yet entered the numbers for longitude and latitude. I’m wondering if the program is just taking its time to show up.

If it showed up once, it’s there. You’ll likely just have to play around with is some.

Thanks, I’ll keep trying. I’m posting another note on uploading a sound file to Neatlines, but Il put it in a new psot, as it is a slightly different subject. Thanks for your help–this is for a class assignment due this evening at 11:59 p.m.! Colin