"View Public Page" not working. Goes to "Page Not Found"

I am working on an exhibit and want to look at each page as I finish it. However, every time I click on “View Public Page” it gives me a “Page Not Found” message. All of my items are checked off as “public” as is my exhibit. Is it because I have not embeded or linked the exhibit to our website yet? I have Omeka on our old domain (watertownhistoricalsociety.org/Omeka) and will be posting/linking it to our new domain (watertownhistorymuseum.org). So where am I going wrong and why isn’t it working?

How are you doing the redirecting or whatever’s happening there?

Judging from the publicly-visible stuff: you have an exhibit whose URL on the “old” domain is http://watertownhistoricalsociety.org/Omeka/exhibits/show/historic-town-walking-tour, but when you go there, your site issues a redirect to https://watertownhistorymuseum.org/index.php/show/historic-town-walking-tour and that’s where you get the 404.

Omeka wouldn’t really be doing that kind of redirecting itself, so I assume you’ve set that up with .htaccess or in the Apache configuration or something like that?

I honestly have no clue. I am used to all of this being pre-set up by my school (like I just had to build the exhibits, I never had to actually set up Omeka), so this is the first time I’ve used Omeka and set it up on my own PC. I wouldn’t have the slightest clue of how to fix the redirect. Basically I want it to stay on the old domain and then we’ll just have a link to it on the new domain. Is that possible and if so how do I fix that? Also coding is not my first language (it’s gibberish most of the time to me) so if you know how to fix it and can explain it in a way that I can understand, that would be fantastic!

I can’t really generically help you here.

Your site http://watertownhistoricalsociety.org is set up to redirect to http://watertownhistorymuseum.org. This isn’t something Omeka is doing itself, so someone must have set it up to do this, either on the server itself or possibly on Cloudflare which it looks like is being used here also.

Ok, so I would have to get in contact with BlueHost (which is our hosting platform for both domains), and see what they can do to fix it?
Thanks for the help!

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