Video does not play in UniversalViewer

Hello everyone!
I’ve been wanting to play videos on my Omeka-S Site using Universalviewer, and I came across this module by Daniel KM which I am using for displaying images on the site. That, it does well.
On the flipside, videos don’t play. At all. The viewer doesn’t even render when I try to display videos with it.

The Omeka Module lists a composer dependency to this repository, which is a fork of the original UniversalViewer; when I clone that, compile it with grunt, and extract the resulting zip to the same directory as the composer dependency (replacing it), videos start playing.

What confuses me is how and why that recompilation fixes my problem. Is anyone able to make sense of this?


I’d still very much appreciate a response, as I haven’t been able to properly answer this question by myself.


The widget “Universal Viewer” didn’t release official version since a while. So the fork is used to use the last version of OpenSeadragon (the tile viewer that is used in nearly any iiif viewer). If you can send me your zipped version, I can included it in the next release.

To be perfectly honest with you: I find your proposition to not be a viable solution.
All I did was this:

I hope you’ll notice the difference in uv.js, and I found this difference to be the cause of why my videos do not play.

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