Variety of issues with Value Suggest

Hello, I posted here withwhat I thought was my own issue with Omeka in general, but it seems to actually be a module issue.

I’ve been trying to add the homosaurus LDV via the vocabularies section forever but I am just endlessly hitting my head on No classes or properties found. Are you sure you used the correct namespace URI? What I am I doing wrong? the vocabulary is and I’m using the nt file. I’ve tried a bunch of different prefixes and namespace URIs because the obvious do not seem to be working. Been at this for a few hours now, SOS :frowning:

But in a followup comment I noted:

(Value Suggest seems to use the older homosaurus, but value suggest itself it is not even appearing when I go to edit a resource template. I wanted to link items to homosaurus terms)

I just cannot seem to get value suggest itself to work. Am I missing something? here’s what the editing an item page looks like:

Value Suggest gets applied to a resource template, which you then use to create the item. In your screenshot, you haven’t selected a resource template - what happens when you use the template for which you have created a resource template using the vocabulary?

Also note that vocabularies which ValueSuggest calls are distinct from the vocabularies available in your Omeka installation which are available for creating resource templates and when building resources.

Hi @mebrett – sorry, I had unselected it when i did the screenshot. here are two

It looks like ValueSuggest is supposed to call Homosaurus, Getty, Geo, LC, OCLC, Periodo, etc. I was hoping to use homosaurus to “tag” (catalog) individual books like you see there :slight_smile:

Ahhh! I see, I just needed to fix a server-side setting. Thank you very much for dealing with my bumbling :slight_smile:

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