Using "Search By Metadata" also for Collections


I’ve installed the “Search By Metadata” plugin, and it works fine. But it seems to be working only for Items, while I would like to use it also for Collections (same fields, I would say, so no need to change the config page).

Is there any simple way to enable it also for Collections?


There’s not going to be an especially simple approach, but I do want to ask which of the following two options you are looking for.

One option is that it splits the search between collections and items, so metadata for one collection would do a search on other collections. The complication there is figuring out whether it’s an item or collection page, and changing the search accordingly.

The other option is that you want it to search both items and collections with the metadata value. That one I’m not sure is really possible. At least it is quite complicated.

So, either way, no simple option, but I wanted to lay out the situation in case others find this question in the future.

I think the first option / approach would be the most useful: I’m thinking of cases where there are several collections, of course, and as I said I’d go for using exactly the same metadata (I do understand that there could be cases where different metadata could be looked for, but I think they’re going to be less than the ones where the same metadata are important).

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