Using Omeka S with Scalar

Scalar knows how to talk with Omeka Classic sites via the API. It looks like the API has changed enough with Omeka S that it doesn’t “just work” any more. Has anyone succeeded in getting them to talk to each other, or does anyone know if there are plans in the works?

Thanks in advance,

The API is indeed fundamentally different. I don’t know if anyone is working on it – there are no plans here at RRCHNM. The starting point is that the API uses JSON-LD, so we hope that’ll make it easier to make it talk to everything since it’s a standard format.

Sorry for not replying for so long. There’s a patch to connect Scalar to Omeka S though it hasn’t been incorporated in any Scalar release yet. The Tensor tool attempts to abstract out the asset management part of Scalar, and may help solve this problem, too, but that’s a ways out.

Is there an update on the Omeka-S Scalar connection. On Github the ticket is still open. Thank you. Ece

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