Using Item Property from a vocabulary other than Dublin Core, problem in item-set-browse and item-display pages

I tried to set the site specific settings “Browse Heading Property” and “Browse Body Property” to another vocabulary than Dublin Core (i.e. Records in Contexts).

The manual reads: “Browse [heading/body] property sets which property to use as the [heading/body] for each resource on a browse page.”

Everything works well for the display of the item browse pages. Unfortunately, the item set browse pages on the admin as well as on the user side only feature an “[Untitled]” entry as heading: as is the same for the single item view pages:


  1. Does “resource” in the manual is restricted to “item” (no “item set”)?
  2. Should similar settings be included for the display pages (e.g. “Display Heading Property”)?
  3. Do I have to add a DC:Title property to each and every item and item set?
  4. Do I have to use another Theme?

Omeka S 1.3.0 with design theme Default 1.3.0

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“Resource” as a term covers both items and item sets. The issue with item sets is possibly an oversight; I’ll look into it.

There’s actually another thread open on the forums right now on a similar question: whether to let each resource store which property is its title (and possibly/presumably description): the upside being that such a setting could work for more mixed sets of resources, as well as work properly on the admin.

Thank you, John, for your swift reply, and for pointing me to Customisable field for the name of an item

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