Using gifs in Simple Pages


I’m trying to add a gif to a Simple Page by uploading it via the Admin Images plugin and using the shortcode

[admin_image id=2]

The file displays, but only as a still image, not as a moving gif. Are there any ways around this? I’ve also tried uploading the gif to a folder within our Omeka installation and trying to use the HTML image tag but every time I save the page the tag is deleted. And I don’t know if that would solve my problem anyway.

On the manual HTML tag approach, when your tag “disappears” like that, it means its not allowed by your current security settings (Settings -> Security). You’ll see there are settings listing every HTML tag that’s allowed, and all the attributes that are allowed: anything not on those lists is removed.

To have a manual <img> tag, you need img in the list of allowed elements, and at least img.src in the list of allowed attributes.

I also think that you may be able to use the Admin Images method you were trying. If you give the size as original it may maintain the animation.