Using Fullsize Images on Homepage 'Recent Items'


I am using the Emiglio theme, and would like my ‘Recent Items’ on the homepage of our site to use the fullsize image associated with the item rather than a square thumbnail. Reading previous forum posts, I’ve managed to achieve this on the ‘Browse Items’ page by altering ‘square_thumbnail’ in the line:

<?php echo link_to_item(item_image('square_thumbnail')); ?>

However, given my unfamiliarity with PHP, I’ve been unable to make the required changes to the ‘index.php’ file:

    <div id="recent-items">
    <h2><?php echo __('Recently Added Items'); ?></h2>
    <?php echo recent_items($recentItems); ?>
    <p class="view-items-link"><a href="<?php echo html_escape(url('items')); ?>"><?php echo __('View All Items'); ?></a></p>
</div><!--end recent-items -->
<?php endif; ?>      

Would you be able to assist?
Many thanks for all your work on this project,

You’ll want to copy the default items/single.php file into Emiglio’s items/ folder so you can override it. (More info on that process here).

That file uses the same item_image function you spotted in browse.php, so you can make the same change in the single.php file.

Keep in mind, though, that lots of other display functions also use that same file – so if you want square thumbnails some places but fullsize other places, we might have to look for a more fancy solution.


That’s worked perfectly- many thanks for your help!