Using "Create Missing Thumbnails" Module


I, and my team, are working on an archive site that has multiple items already imported.
The problem is some of these imports do not have an image attached, and we are attempting to make our visual organization while browsing a little cleaner/consistent.

I have just installed the aforementioned module but have hit a wall when trying to configure…is there a more detailed user-guide? Or someone on here who could assist? I am attempting to “force” a thumbnail image to populate the items that have none.

Thank you much!

Hi tjo,

The Missing Thumbnail module will not produce thumbnails for items with no media attached. It is a module made to check if you have a media and no thumbnail and create those that are missing.
If you wish to give a thumbnail for an item with no image, you can go to the “Advanced” tab of your item modifier menu and select a file (an asset) to be used as a thumbnail.

If you wish to make the same asset the thumbnail of a number of items, I suggest going into your database: there, you select the id of the asset you want to add in the “asset” table, and then you enter that asset id in the “thumbnail_id” column of the resource table. Careful to modify only the right resources (you might try and filter within the resource table, or you can cross it with the media table to only select the resources with no linked media).

I hope this helps!

Hi Alyx,

Thank you for elaborating on what the module is actually used for. I understand adding an Id to an image for repeated use; can you expand on what you mean by “database”? Is this under a particular tab on the left-hand side? Like Items, Assets, etc.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Hi tjo,

I suggested you try using the database because it does not appear possible to mass modify the thumbnail of the resources directly from the admin board or via a csv import.
Unfortunately, the access to the database is restricted and not accessible from the admin board. The db should not be used by someone with no SQL knowledge.
If you have access to the server, you may have access to the database as the db parameters are set in the config/database.ini file. A module that can give you easier access to the database from the admin board is Adminer. If you don’t have that kind of access, check with your IT.

Good luck!

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