UserTags conflicting with item tags

Some feedback on possible issue due to a conflict with UserTags and items tags:
I’m using UserTags plugin and it created omeka_user_records_tags table in MySQL.

Then, using ZoteroImport plugin, I made a batch import of a Zotero library with hundreds of items and associated tags.
Problem is :

  • tags are actually stored in omeka_tags
  • but the mappings between items and tags that should be in omeka_record_tags table are stored in omeka_user_records_tags created by UserTags !

But this also occurs when I want to manually add some tags to items.
As a result:

  • in the admin panel, I can find all of my tags, but they are all associated to 0 items.
  • in the admin panel, if I try to modify an item by adding some tags and save modifications, added tags are not displayed and are in place stored in omeka_user_records_tags
  • in the public show.php page, tags doesn’t appear but appear under MyTags section when connected

I think this is a serious issue, do you have any ideas how this could be fixed and why it happens ?
I don’t know if someone already experienced this, but I think it can easily be reproduced.

After some investigation, I realized that the configuration of UserTags implied that every tag added by super and admin were privates.
So when using ZoteroImport as admin, it just added tags as private so that UserTags move tags from omeka_record_tags to omeka_user_records_tags every time a tag is added.

Unfortunately, there is no way back to set a private tag as public (or I don’t know where this can be done).