Users populate website help

Hi. Beginner question here. I want to build a museum/archive style website that creates a cohesive archive all together and allows people to create a file for themselves or a topic which can they be easily or instantly published as a page. We were thinking there would be an easy to use online form. Many people would fill out the form, answering questions, linking to articles or videos as needed, and possibly uploading photos or videos. Basically someone fills out the form and the form creates a page for that entry, like an online file on that topic. It could be used as a starting point for a topic and then the admins could tag it, edit it, merge the content appropriately to integrate it into the organizational structure of the website, and possibly flip a switch to publish the content too . Like a wiki but very user-friendly (a lot of the users would be over 70). This is an enthusiastic idea pitched by people with only basic website building experience, suggestions highly welcome! Could Omeka accommodate that content creation structure?
Thanks very much.

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