User Permissions--Need Full Creation Privileges without Delete Priv

Hi, I’m using Omeka S to integrate the library into courses in which students build out an exhibit for their class. I need to give folks creation permissions (abilities to add their own content and add their own pages, etc.), BUT I need to remove the ability to DELETE material that is not their own. INEVITABLY, notwithstanding training, a student ends up deleting someone else’s page or an important page.

Is there any way to get a user role with full “create” privileges but without “delete” privs? In short, I need a “student” role who can build the site but not delete anything they don’t personally own.

Are they working in separate sites, or all in the same one? Each “exhibit” could be a separate Site in Omeka S.

We already have roles that let you add items and so on but not edit or delete anyone else’s, and you can grant extra permissions to individual sites to any user, so each could control their own but no one else’s there also.

If you want them to work on separate pages within the same site, that’s not going to be so easy: the system really handles site permissions and ownership on the site level, not page-by-page.

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Exactly! And there’s the problem :slight_smile:

I’m working with faculty who want their students to create exhibits as part of their coursework since it is a such a wonderful way of working and communicating with the community (example, we’re launching this tomorrow night: Roughly, one course generally translates into one exhibit. Each student becomes responsible for their “items” and “pages” as part of that specific exhibit and we do a big launch at the end of the term.

Although the current settings allow me to keep students from one course out of the exhibit of a different course, it is a bit of a liability for me at the exhibit level in that any student could potentially delete the work of any other student in the same exhibit–or, in a recent case, accidentally delete the home page–and since there’s no trash can, PANIC! :slight_smile:

Ideally, we’d be able to have a student “creator” role who could manage their own work but not affect the work of anyone else at the exhibit level. This would also be useful for Work Study students who might be helping a library build out collections and/or specific exhibits–the library might want the to be creating things but not allow them to have the power to delete previous work. Since there is no way to recover something once it has been deleted (i.e. a trashcan), this is an important feature for those working with many collaborators. Is there any role like this on the roadmap?

Also: I might be able to devote some developer time to creating new role permissions at the exhibit level if folks think it might be useful to the community.

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