User Permissions Feature for Development

I apologize if this isn’t the right place to suggest this, but I thought I’d post and hope I’d at least be redirected if it wasn’t.

I’m just getting going using Omeka S, but I’ve been a user of classic Omeka for some years now. I run a small institutional archives, but we’re working to expand to incorporate other places in our institution. Basically, we’re looking to make an institution wide repository, but one of the features I was hoping for in Omeka S was not only the ability to have multiple sites and metadata, but also being able to limit the admin interface to those site items and users. while still having it all be added to a central index. If there is ever a chance that it can be done like that, it would be very useful. From some of the other comments about user permissions, I think there would be others who would also find this useful as well.

Thank you for the great software!