Use of DOIs in Omeka


Omeka is increasing being used by Australian universities as an option for researchers to store, manage, and publish their research data collections. We are used to more traditional institutional repositories that have features we feel are important to offer researchers. In particular we would like to be able to offer automatic generating of a DOI for each item and collection record (ideally also for exhibitions).

Has anyone been thinking of doing this?

Is there a plugin planned that would mint a DOI and add it to the record metadata, and to the citation field in the record?

We currently use Omeka Classic for our Library projects but would likely be looking at using or Omeka-S for individual researchers.

I would be interested to know how many other people are interested in this functionality and if it is on the Omeka roadmap.

I don’t know any plugin that mints doi.

Nevertheless, instead of expensive doi, you can use free ark, that are more adapted for heritage and archival projects, with the extension I built ( for Omeka Classic and the module for Omeka S). If it’s required to use doi, you can adapt the extension (or ask to somebody to adapt it).

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply (and my apologies for the delay in responding). I have asked one of my colleagues to have a closer look at your plugin to see if we can use it for our purposes.

I do think we want to use DOIs as they are also used in our other two systems, which together with our Omeka instance makes up our institutional repository.

I will let you know if we have any questions about your plugin.