Use Lightbox with Exhibit Builder Gallery page

I have an exhibit I have created with a gallery page of thumbnails. (

When I click on a thumbnail it takes me to the show item page for that item. And on that page I currently have lightbox working.

However I don’t need to have the show item page at all. What I want to do is have the Gallery page of the thumbnails and when you click on one of the thumbnails it brings up the lightbox full-size of that thumbnail over that page. Is this possible?

Berlin Theme
Omeka 2.4.1



I think the Lightbox Gallery plugin may help you here:

Download the zip file, remove the -master from the extracted folder and install the plugin as normal.

You will then have the new option of creating a ‘Lightbox Gallery’ (amongst others) within the Exhibit builder.

That is exactly what I need. Thank you!

Small issue with the layout of the caption if it has more than one line in the lightbox view. There is a large space between lines. I can’t seem to find the CSS file to fix this.

Can be seen here:

Any help appreciated.