"Use for resource title" option not working on dcterms:title property

I am using a resource template for publications that consists solely of dcterms: properties.

For the dcterms:title property, I marked the “Use for resource title” option, but in the frontend browse display I only get the [Untitled] placeholder instead of the title value.

Unmarking the “Use for resource title” option in hope of some kind of fallback to the former default option does not change a thing.

Are you using a custom theme? If so have you tried reverting to the default theme? Sometimes it’s possible that a custom theme displays [Untitled] when the default one will display the correct title, depending on how the custom theme has been built.

To follow on slightly from symac’s question, is it just in the frontend that this is a problem? The admin item browse is fine?

If so, that points to one of two things: as symac mentioned, an issue with the theme itself, or an issue with the site’s settings: there’s a site setting controlling what property to show as the title on browse pages, and if you have that set to some unused property it would cause this kind of behavior (it’s basically there as a predecessor to the more fine-grained “use for resource title” template option you were talking about, but neither feature is necessary to get Dublin Core Titles to show: that’s the default if none of these other settings are touched).

In fact, it was an issue with the site’s settings: I was not aware of the fact that, in order for the individual “use for resource title” template option to work properly, the general site’s settings “Browse heading property” has to be kept EMPTY.

This behaviour should be mentioned in the documentation.

Thank you for your help.

I’m not sure if this is related but I can’t seem to get the browse headings to be what I want for one of my sites. I change it to spatial coverage and it always is the title, the default field. Since there is no global setting for browse headings where is this default overriding what I choose?