Uploading problem


I am using Omeka S version 3.1.2. I am not able to upload an image. I can browse for the image put when I go to the upload button it is gray and nothing happens when I click on it. There is no activity on the page and no error is being logged. Is there a setting to allow uploads or a module that I am missing? I have imagemagick and the latest IIIF Server & Image Server.


Simple question, but are you sure that your files directory is writable by Apache?

Thanks for the reply. I’m 100% sure that the files directory is writable. This issue has only been going since I updated to version 3.1.2 2 weeks ago. Before that, we only had reports of uploads being a little slow but never a complete fail.

Can you show a screenshot or something showing what’s turning gray? There are a few different places where the text Upload might appear so just making sure we’re on the same page.

I believe this may be a styling feature. I thought that it appeared disabled but it looks like something does happen. When I click the button, it does post to /admin/asset/add. However, I get a 500 error after that. Other than that, there seems to be an error in the json response that is preventing the error message from displaying. All it seems to say is that “something went wrong,” though. That error is coming from asset-browse.js. That’s all I can see happening right now. I hope this helps some.

From what you’re saying it sounds like you’re actually having trouble uploading an asset? For example, to use as a custom thumbnail or a logo?

Are you able to upload media in the Media tab?

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