Uploading modules - Error: invalid Module.php file


I have downloaded a number of modules that have worked by uploading the zip file directly to my server. However, many of the files once uploaded and extracted on my server are throwing the following error.

“Error: invalid Module.php file”

Please help. I am sure these modules are well built, and perhaps I am just uploading them all. Please help. Thank you.

Modules not working:
Block Plus version

Item Carousel Block version 0.1.0by Omeka Team

The Item Carousel Block module has not been released yet. When it is, it will appear in the Omeka S Modules list.

Thank you very much for the quick response. I appreciate you directing me to the proper list.

I have also tried to install Simple Carousel (https://github.com/Neo-Inspiration/Omeka-S-SimpleCarousel) and am getting the - Error: Simple Carousel requires Omeka S ^1.1.0

I believe I have Omeka S that is > than 1.1.0 but unsure. My end goal is to have a carousel implemented so wondering if this one might be a potential option.

Thank you for your feedback.

That’s actually up to v1.1.0.

You can try changing the version constraint in the /config/module.ini to be ^3.0.0. Then you can see if it is actually compatible with the most recent version. There might not be anything about the changes between 1.1.0 and 3.02 that would break it.

Thank you very much. I tried that but was unsuccessful. I am now getting the

Error: invalid config/module.ini file on the modules page

I appreciate the support on the topic. I will keep fiddling with this config file a few more times. I welcome more feedback and am very thankful for your support.

As a sidebar: How do I check what my omeka s version is? Perhaps I may need to match that version.

Your version info is in the footer of every page of the administrative interfaces, and there is also a link to the full system information there.

We should have an official release of the Item Carousel Block coming in the next few days.

also sometimes when you install module from github (after extracting the file) be sure to change the name of folder from let’s say “ItemCarouselBlock-master” to “ItemCarouselBlock”

Hello, @SharonLeon - I was wondering if the new incidence of the carousel has been released. I’d really like to get a carousel on my site and unfortunately the troubleshooting on my end has not resulted in any significant changes.

Please let me know if/when they will be a new version available. Thank you.

Not yet, but it’s almost ready.

Thank you very much for the updates @SharonLeon. How will I know when the new release is available? Is there a place to monitor these types of releases? Thank you for the help.

It should be available today or tomorrow. And it will show up on the Modules page of the Omeka S section of the site.

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