Uploading jpg file error exceeds the defines ini size

I followed the uploading troubleshooting but I cannot get the limit greater than 2mb, although when I look in the html code, it looks like the number is hard coded in.

post_max_size = “3G”
Upload_max_filesize = “2G”
memory_limit = -1 (It says this means unlimited)

Here is the info on the size of the files.
Largest files:

JPEGS – 2948 kb

I haven’t uploaded any mp4s in several months, but according to the mp4 files in the X Drive, the largest is a long interview with Dean VanTrease that shows to be 1,707,375 kb.

I solved the issue. I was going to the incorrect php.ini. I wanted the one under apache2 /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini. I increased the file size and I am good now and I was able to test the upload and it worked

Glad to see you figured out the issue.