Upload complete folder

I wonder why it is not possible to select a folder for “fIle upload” instead of selecting each image individually. The background is that we want to build a digital library where an object can have 500 scans or more. Since “normal” users should create the objects, they don’t have access to the sideload folder and shouldn’t use the CSV import either.

You can try the module BulkImportFiles, that may help.

Thanks, but there are some issues:

I installed the Log-Module, but the next step installation of BulkImport failed with the error:

The API does not support the “bulk_importers” resource.

Omeka\Api\Exception\BadRequestException: The API does not support the “bulk_importers” resource. in
/data/srv/www/htdocs/omeka-s/application/src/Api/Manager.php:200 Stack trace:

Should I open an issue ticket on github?

I use Version 2.0.2 Omeka S

Yes, I fixed it too. There were some issue during upgrade to Omeka 2.

Hi Daniel,
thanks for your changes, but now I get the error:

Fatal error : require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/data/srv/www/htdocs/omeka-s/modules/BulkImport/vendor/autoload.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php7:/usr/share/php7/PEAR’) in /data/srv/www/htdocs/omeka-s/modules/BulkImport/Module.php on line 21

Module Log is installed and I wanted to proceed to install BulkImport and then BulkImportFiles

With the latest version from yesterday, everything works now. What I’m wondering is how you can link a complete folder with images to a single item. (n:1) So far, all images within a folder have become items of their own (n:n).

Or does the module not provide for this scenario at all?

The module doesn’t manage this use case for now, but it’s an important thing to develop. The other thing to develop is the possibility to move a file from an item to another one.