Upgrading to v3, accidentally lost some tables

Hello, I recently upgraded to Omeka-S v3 using Reclaim Hosting’s auto installer. Before doing so I uninstalled all the modules I was using in v2. I installed the latest versions of these modules after upgrade, and the site worked in general but I got ‘table not found’ errors when using these modules: Numeric Data Types, Item Sets Tree, CSV Import (error when trying to view a past import).

For example, when trying to edit an Item, error message:
An exception occurred while executing ‘SELECT n0_.value AS value_0, n0_.id AS id_1, n0_.resource_id AS resource_id_2, n0_.property_id AS property_id_3 FROM numeric_data_types_timestamp n0_ WHERE n0_.resource_id = ?’ with params [6513]: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘aborigi1_os1.numeric_data_types_timestamp’ doesn’t exist’

I restored a backup made before the upgrade but am getting the same errors. Is there anything I can do to repair these missing tables, or should I do a fresh installation and import my data again from csv files?

How did you uninstall the modules? You clicked the “Uninstall” buttons from the Omeka S interface, or something else? Do you have a backup from before you uninstalled them?

The typical upgrade process doesn’t involve uninstalling modules: rather upgrading them. Uninstalling a module will cause you to lose the data from that module. Beyond that though, a normal uninstall/reinstall process for a module shouldn’t cause this problem you’re reporting: uninstalling it should remove all the module’s tables, and installing it should re-create them.

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Yes, i clicked the ‘uninstall’ button in the interface. I’m working on restoring the site to its state a few weeks ago, after that will then try upgrading to v3 following what you suggest - ie upgrading rather than uninstalling modules. Thanks

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