Upgrading Questions

I have inherited this install and it is currently running on 2.3.1. A staff member tells me that when it was set up by a contractor, they did some custom work and not to upgrade it or CSS and other things will break. Where should I look to see what might break if we upgrade the system?

Any and all advice is welcome.


You can see an overview of changes in releases here.

Generally, the changes in versions of Omeka 2.x don’t wildly change things. However, if there are custom things, it’s possible that some change in the customization could break in ways that are hard to predict.

Do you know if the customization was to a theme (if so, which theme?), plugins, or even Omeka core?

That is the problem, there is no documentation by the contractor as to what exactly was customized. So I am wondering if anyone has any “might check X files” advice? I know this is going to be a crap shoot as to if it breaks things but I want to be prepared.

A problem, indeed!

The name of the current theme might give a hint at whether the theme is based on one of the existing ones, and you might be able to see what changes were made based on any records you have of tasks assigned to the contractor. It sounds, though, like that’s a long shot. The theme files are the most likely place to look for the “might check X files” question.

It sounds like you might be in a situation that requires boldness – update the site and see what happens, and fix things from there. Or, if there is not a pressing need to update Omeka, it could just stay on that version. It really depends on whether you have resources to update the customizations if indeed anything breaks.

Might be worth backing up everything and doing the upgrade to see what happens, then if something goes awry just restore from the backup.

Another idea is to take a fresh copy of Omeka 2.3.1 and use a tool such as Beyond Compare or even the compare feature in Notepad++ to compare all of its files with those of your installed version. This will quickly identify changes made. Some of those changes will be “normal” (e.g. your db.ini file) but everything else highlighted by Beyond Compare might very well be customizations made earlier. This will at least help you decide what the consequences of upgrading might be - a more informed decision.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I think I will make a back-up at the very least and see about grabbing a fresh copy of Omeka comparing.