Upgraded from Omeka 1.4 to 3.0.2 and now I cant add items to a site other than manually

I have tried every method listed in this forum that I can find, and none of them are allowing me to batch add my items to my sites. I have added my item set under resources, and tried to add the items to the site under the items tab using the “manage current items” radio buttons.

I have tried every combination of conditions (item set / template / class etc) and after saving it the item count never raises above 0 even after refreshing. I can manually set the site in each individual item, but i dont have the patience to do that for 600 something items

Under jobs it lists the job # but when looking at the job itself it never finishes.

Thank you for any ideas and assistance.

What am I doing wrong???

This is what the job status looks like

July 6, 2021 8:17:44pm
[not ended]
“sites”: {
“6”: {
“fulltext_search”: “”,
“property”: [
“joiner”: “and”,
“property”: “”,
“type”: “eq”,
“text”: “”
“resource_class_id”: [
“resource_template_id”: [
“item_set_id”: [
“owner_id”: “”
“action”: “replace”
[no log]

Do you do anything else that uses background jobs? This “Starting” symptom is often a sign that your site is not set up to run background jobs at all (often you just need to set the path to PHP’s CLI php command in your local.config.php).

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