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I made a few customizations to the theme and plugin and I am concerned they will be lost when I upgrade to the new Omeka. Reclaim suggested I check with the forum to determine if they will break when I upgrade. Here’s what I did:

Repositioned the Universal Viewer to the top of the page
Moved the facets position below the Viewer
Eliminated the files from the item record
Command line was run to eliminate the blurry images from the Universal Viewer (Reclaim had to help with this so fingers crossed this won’t break)

Do you anticipate these will be impacted or can I just update the core files?

Thank you,

I don’t think any changes to core would affect those. You would want to make sure that you don’t overwrite your theme or plugins with any new releases, of course. I’m only a little uncertain about the script that was run to eliminate blurry images, but if that only touched the files themselves it should be fine.

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