Unwanted items added to Timeline

I have several sites in Omeka S. Having several sites, I also have many items in my Omeka S admin area.

Now, I’ve added a Timeline to one of the sites…and all the items (even the unrelated ones) show up in the Timeline. How do I restrict which items show up on a certain timeline?

Do you mean module Timeline? In that case, you can add it to the query, that is one of the parameter of the block Timeline. The query is the arguments of an advanced search url.

Yes, the Timeline Module. I see the “query to limit resources” as a parameter. If I had an item set called “Item Set A,” how would I construct a query to limit to just that collection?

See https://omeka.org/s/docs/user-manual/sites/site_pages/#browse-preview , so item_set_id=xx.

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