Unviversal Viewer: multiple identifiers

If an item has several identifiers, the UniversalViewer shows all identifiers separated by an <br /> tag both in the header and in the left index sidebar. It would be better if only the first identifier was displayed here.

The Universal Viewer just displays content of the IIIF manifest created by your iiif server. Can you check your manifest?

It seems that the problem only occurs if you set the IIIF API version to 3 in the module IIIF Server ( As soon as version is set to 2, only one identifier is displayed. In the manifest file of v2 the lable is a single string (here the first identifier), in v3 the lable is an array consisting of the both identifiers.

The iiif v3 can manage translations of the label, and it is well formatted (check https://iiif.io/api/presentation/3.0/#label). So it’s an issue in the library UniversalViewer, not in the module. You can ask it on its site.
If you really need, you can remove translations from the iiif manifest via the module event.

Nevertheless, I have improved IIIF Server so it keeps only the first label in each language for the default metadata. The commit is published on gitlab, but it will be released in a few days.

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