[untitled] item and item set titles after upgrading to v.2.0.2

We just upgraded to v.2.0.2. All of the item and item set titles display as [untitled]. Media is also displaying with title = [untitled]. Not sure what is causing this.

Hmm, that’s odd. What happens if you edit one of the items? You don’t need to make any changes, just save it.

Version 2 adds a new system for dealing with resource titles that allows you to more easily use properties other than Dublin Core’s Title, but the upgrade should have taken your existing titles and applied them to this new system automatically.

Thanks for the quick response! Yeah, I was reading through the v.2 documentation and thought I would check the resource templates. I thought (as you say) that the new title and description displays would be active by default but they were unchecked. Checking them for the appropriate DC fields in the templates fixed the issue.

Interesting. Good to see it’s fixed, but there’s definitely something odd happening here: it’s expected that Dublin Core Title wouldn’t have been “checked” as the title property, because it’s the default: if nothing else is selected (or an item has no template), then Dublin Core Title gets used. And on upgrade, Dublin Core Title gets used no matter what.

Changing the title property for a template automatically “refreshes” the stored title for everything that uses that template so it makes sense that would fix the problem for you. Saving individual items will also update the title for just that item.

Did you encounter any issues or error messages doing the upgrade? (Other than noticing this afterward, of course.) Otherwise, maybe there’s something somewhat unique about your installation (as this isn’t an issue we’ve encountered ourselves or seen reported from anyone else).

I’ll check with our system folks to see if they got any messages during the upgrade. That’s the only thing I’ve noticed so far. And I am loving that pages are now included in search. Thanks!