Unknown login error: Failed

I hope someone can assist me with this issue. I am using the most recent form of Omeka and successfully installed Scripting and Mediawiki. However, my users have been trying to login with their Mediawiki accounts but keep receiving the error “Unknown login error: failed”. What would cause this? Any help would be appreciated.

What version of MediaWiki are you using? It appears that users cannot log into Scripto on the most recent version, v1.28.0. I can confirm that Scripto works on MediaWIki v1.23.5, but it should work on any version before v1.27.0.

I have version v1.27.1. If the version is causing the issue, theoretically, would there be a way to work around this?

Thanks for your help. I am just going to create the accounts for the users since that seems to be the easiest solution currently. Plus, the project is time sensitive to have it done for my thesis. Again, I appreciate your help and hopefully this will be resolved in the future for the program.

I recommend using an earlier version of MediaWiki, specifically v1.23.15 LTS, available here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Download. I’ll look into updating Scripto to accommodate MediaWiki’s new login protocol, but it’s completely okay to use the earlier version.