University of Jyväskylä - our first Omeka S sites live

Hello all,

Just to add more examples of Omeka S sites in production, here are couple of sites we (University of Jyväskylä) have recently published. Our primary usecase is to use Omeka S as an easier-to-modify frontend to our DSpace-based institutional repository as customizing looks of DSpace is outright painful :slight_smile:

First two sites are populated directly from our repository via Omeka S REST API

Our third site, called Vanhakartta (Old Map) is a showcase for old maps mainly from the geographical area of Finland and accompanying content. The previous version of the site was built using custom Plone-based CMS and the codebase was getting old (10 years) so we decided to rebuild the site completely using Omeka S.
The content is mainly in Finnish.

Many thanks to Omeka S development team and independent devs around the world for your amazing work!

Thank you for sharing that! It look good.

Is the theme for the third site available online (or will it be)?

Thanks! The theme of the third site is slighly modified Center Row theme. Our quick and dirty modifications are available here:

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Hi Matti,

Impressive. Out of curiosity what version of DSpace are you using? I’ve done some basic testing with the DSpace connector module. Can you, briefly, say a bit more about the content on the ‘pedaforum’ site?

Also can you give examples of a page with links back to your DSpace instance.

Final question, are you thinking about working with IIIF with DSpace and/or Omeka?