UniversalViewer with OpenLayersZoom tiles

I was hoping to be able to zoom/tile images with the OpenLayersZoom plugin and have them displayed with UV. However, I keep getting error messages in js-console suggesting the image-server cant find the tiles:
(The IIIF server encountered an unexpected error that prevented it from fulfilling the request: the file is not tiled for dynamic processing.)

Omeka version 2.6.1
UV-plugin version 2.5.8
OpenLayersZoom version 2.8.3

In link below the OpenLayersZoom widget displays the tiled image, but the UV doesnt. Is there any configuration I should set in the UV plugin for the tiles to be discovered?

Link to item:


Any suggestion appreciated

This is a true bug. Can you try the version 2.5.9?

Works like a charm! Thank you so much :slight_smile: