UniversalViewer - Remove a filetype from display

Is it possible to remove a filetype from being displayed via Universal Viewer? For example, disabling all .bmp from being displayed?

Some of our items have a picture file as a workaround to using a custom thumbnail; however, this messes up the display of the actual item in Universal Viewer as UV then only displays the image instead of the video/pdf.

An example of why we are wanting to use custom thumbnails is we want to have the thumbnail be the cover artwork that was on the VHS, but are not in the video file itself. If it’s possible to suppress from UV a certain type of picture file, we can simply ensure that all of our thumbnails are using that filetype.

You have to create a small plugin with a filter uv_manifest and remove the files you don’t want from the manifest.
The other solution if you don’t have too much items is to save each manifest, to edit them, and to add them as url in element dcterms:format, and to set the option to use the manifest if there is an url in the config of the plugin.

Thanks! The solution of using a custom manifest seems like it’ll work well; however, it looks like UV is having trouble loading the manifest and it just continually shows a spinning square.

What I did is I went to an Item before uploading the thumbnail, downloaded the manifest, uploaded the manifest to a directory without editing it, and put the URL in the DublinCore element. I’ve verified that UV is pointing to the correct element in the Config and that the URL is accessible.

Also, assuming it does work, is there a way to hide the element from public view? I tried using the Hide Elements plugin, but when I select the Format element, the Format element then disappears from the UV config as a possibility for the alternative manifest.

For the first point, it looks like a rights issue. Does the server has access to the manifest file? Did you downloaded the good one ? You can see it when you go to the developer panel of your browser.
For the second point, I don’t know, but if you set the element in the uv config, then you hide it in the plugin HideElements, then the first config will remain.

Hm, yes, the server has access to the manifest file. I created a subdirectory in the Universal Viewer directory to store these alternative manifests and I’m naming them as “((itemnumber))manifest”. I can access the manifest in my browser as well.

I tried it with another item and I’m getting the same issue.

To double-check, I’m just supposed to be putting the URL for the alternative manifest in the element, right? There’s not any specific formatting I should be doing for the URL, right?

Yes, just save the absolute url as a literal.

I’ve tried hosting the manifest on another server as well, and didn’t have any luck.

I’ve inspected the element and it’s pointing to the correct URL. It’s still just perpetually loading.

Is there maybe something in the manifest that needs to get changed?

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