UniversalViewer plugin for 2.5 - Invalid

The latest version (2.4.1) of UniversalViewer plugin shows as being valid for Omeka 2.5 on the info page but when I upload and go to plugins page gives “This is not a valid plugin” message. Has anyone tried this version on 2.5 and been able to install? It was only released earlier this week I think.

I had a bug with this plugin that I couldn’t resolve so thought I’d try upgrading to 2.5 and using new version of plugin to see if it persisted.



Edit: Just to say, the previous version of the plugin does seem to work in Omeka 2.5 even though the info page indicates it goes up to 2.4.1. I still have the aforementioned bug though, which is that the metadata elements are each appearing twice in the ‘more information’ panel.

Did you rename the directory where is installed UniversalViewer?

Anyway, a new release will be published tomorrow, with some improvments and fixes.

No I didn’t realise that was important but makes sense that it would be, thanks! Able to install now, will reinstall updated version tomorrow

Still having my duplication of metadata in the side panel but I’ll do some more poking around, it must have been something I tweaked for the previous pdf viewer I was using that is causing this to play up.


I have updated the plugin on omeka.org (http://omeka.org/add-ons/plugins/universal-viewer/).

There is a complete port for Omeka S now too (https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-UniversalViewer).