UniversalViewer display on Item Set page

Hello, I have UniversalViewer installed on my Omeka site and am wondering if it is possible, when viewing an Item Set, to stop the UniversalViewer loading the last Item of the Set at the bottom of the (item set) page. Its preferable on our site to display the digitized Item via UniversalViewer on the Item page only. Thank you

You can disable it directly in your theme, or use the module Blocks Disposition.

Thanks Daniel. Installing Blocks Disposition solved the problem.

One thing i was unsure about - in the Blocks Disposition readme it says ‘set the modules that will be available for config in the module config form’… i wasnt able to configure anything during installation, what does the form refer to?

It’s an outdated readme, now it is in the site settings. It was a first step to build the resource pages with block like site pages.

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Thanks for your help

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