Universal Viewer or Mirador

Hi all,

I’m working on a projet organizing ornement photographies from religious building.

I reached the point where we need a viewer to visualise these photos. We were very interested by Mirador and his capacity to add pictures to a basket and then compare, annotate or analyze them side by side in the viewer.
But now, I saw that Mirador has been replaced with Universal Viewer in the official Omeka S module list.

I don’t have the time to test it, so I would like to have your feedback on it.

Does Universal Viewer offers the same kind of comparison and annotation features than Mirador ?
Or does it differs a lot ?

Thank you for your help !

UniversalViewer is more for content provider and the mirador is more for researchers. If you specify the manifest URL as metadata, each user is free to choose which viewer to use

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Many modules are not published in the omeka repository, but you can find another list that contains many other modules, included Mirador, here : https://daniel-km.github.io/UpgradeToOmekaS/omeka_s_modules.html . This is an automatic list built from github and gitlab.

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Thank you for your answers !
Seems like I’d definitely prefer Mirador than Universal Viewer for my needs from what you say Dan.
I’ll now much more check your github Daniel.