Universal Viewer images lose color intensity

I am seeing that the images of the elements, when they are shown in Universal Viewer lose intensity of color and they look very pale.

For example, in this page of elements of an exhibition
if we open any of them, eg. the third,
you can see how the color has lost its intensity.

Is there any way that the images are preserved in their original color?


My guess would be that this has something to do with an embedded color profile in the original image and in the thumbnails. If you convert to sRGB before upload I imagine you wouldn’t see this problem anymore.

I don’t know what can or needs to be done on the Universal Viewer side to make it respect or convert the profile itself.

You can show your example with an issue on https://github.com/universalviewer/universalviewer.

John, as you say, converting to sRGB before upload solve the problem. Now a have a lot of work converting all images in my site.

At the same time, as Daniel sais, i will open an issue on https://github.com/universalviewer/universalviewer to make Universal Viewer respect or convert the profile itself.

Thanks a lot to both of you

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