Universal Viewer files blurry

Unfortunately, my solution was short lived and I have blurry files again. Our web hosting service provider said the problem with the blurry files is related to the Zoom.It plugin. Before I deactivate the plugin, does anyone have any advice on how to configure the plugin so that it doesn’t make the files blurry?

I think I found a solution but it is counterintuitive and I don’t understand why it is functioning this way. Basically, with all the recent files we have uploaded we selected to zoom the tiles. When I went back and deselected the zoom, the files appeared clear again and the zoom function is also working. I don’t understand if this has something to do with the command script I previously had run and the change made to zoom all files. I am not a programmer so some of this eludes me.

This doesn’t answer your question, but you might find the information useful.

We tried different zooming solutions and ultimately ended up incorporating openseadragon.js directly into our Omeka show page. You can see examples here.

This is not a ready-to-use plugin solution and does require programming, but it’s pretty straightforward and you can see our code on GitHub. We extended our custom theme to support zoomable images and added logic to a custom plugin to detect if an item’s image has the tiles for zooming.

To create the tiles we use the zoomify desktop program and then upload the tile files to our server. If tiles exist for the Omeka item being displayed, the theme automatically emits the HTML for the OpenSeadragon viewer.

The solution has been in place for about two months and so far we have had no problems. To learn more, view our Digital Archive Software page and look for the word “zoomable”.

This is not related to zoom.it, since this widget is not used anywhere. The tiles are simply created with the same format than zoom.it, but any viewer can display them (openlayers zoom, universal viewer, openseadragon (v2.3), etc.

Anyway, if it works now, this is perfect. I don’t understand why something adds the domain before the url of the tiles (the true issue). Is it your server or a script or a plugin? If this is a plugin, I can fix it.

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